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Ahmisa Silk


Ahimsa Silk also known as ‘Peace silk is usually made from Eri and Tassar Silk cocoons. Ahimsa silk is made is an eco-friendly way. The cocoons are left as it is for a week or 10 days. When the worms are fully grown they fly away. In this technique there is no cruelty done to the silkworms while producing or collecting silk cocoons. It got its name from a Hindi word ‘Ahimsa’ which means ‘Non-violence’. This method does not kill the silkworms to extract silk. Hence ‘Ahimsa’ describes the process of obtaining silk.

However, because the moths break the fibers as they emerge from their cocoons, the fibers are spun into slubby threads with neps throughout the length instead of reeled. The fabric has some amazing medical properties, is anti-inflammatory and bio-degradable. Although, Ahimsa Silk is not as strong as reeled, but it is warmer and softer.