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Silk noil may also be made from the short fibres, directly sourced from the silkworm cocoons. Rather than the continuous length of silk, shorter fibers, which are generally not used to create high quality silk are used for Silk Noil, which has a slightly rough texture. It is relatively weaker and has low resilience. It tends to have very low lustre, which makes it appear more like cotton – than silk.

Noil Silk, however short its fibres may be, though, has the advantage of being made from protein. Thus, it has a better texture and depth that cotton – and gives a nice fall and drape.

Silk Noil is also blended or appended with heavier fabrics like velvets and satins to create varied textures. Made out of the strongest natural fibres (with a protein base) around, the Noil Sarees are not slippery like synthetic fibres and absorb moisture well. Noils are easily dyed, and can also be made waterproof, by using a polyurethane coating. This also increases their usage in furnishings’ industry.