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Velvet Ribbon

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Gorgeous, high quality velvet ribbon in exotic color tone with bright Shine. This velvet has been hand torn, which leaves a frayed edge down each side of the ribbon. These ribbon are very soft in hand with a plush texture. Every step of creating the velvet ribbon is handcrafted including tearing into ribbons, fraying and dying. These ribbon has frayed edges as these are Handtorn

Quantity: 10 Skeins per Bundle
Length: about 30M per skeins
Width: 1-1.5 Inches
Weight- 100 Gram per Skeins
Needle size: 15-20
Frayed edges as these are Handtorn
Color: Open for custom color (Solid and Tye Dye)
100% velvet stripe
Open for custom size
Used for : crafting, decoration, wedding, packaging, fiber art, floral arranging, weaving, wall hangings, floristry and embroidery and more.