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Carded Denim Fiber

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Carded Denim is cotton which has been prepared for spinning into thread or yarn. Carding is an important step in the processing of many textiles, ensuring that debris is removed while aligning the fibers to make them easier to spin. Without carding, cotton thread would be coarse and extremely fragile. The fibers and short and ready to spin!

Denim jeans are repurposed by shredding the fabric and creating cotton fiber wadding. There may be some strings and bigger fabric pieces that did not get shredded during the reclaiming processes.

It is really important to me to find eco-friendly & sustainable yarn and fibers. I love to find new and different yarns that might be harder to find. I am happy to offer 100% recycled Denim fiber. It is a short fiber, and new fiber to spinning, but it could be carded easily. Great for paper making.

Hand Crafted
Category: Recycled
Color: Denim Assorted Color
Type: Short fiber