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We believe in Empowerment, Not Charity!!

The work mandate of Latifi Silk Exports LLP is to empower the marginalized communities, especially women, living in the remote rural areas by building their skill and providing them with a sustainable livelihood option. We enable the illiterate poor to start spin the fibers to yarns and weave those yarns not just fabrics but also their own lives.


  • To enhance economic returns for artisans through global market linkages.
  • To connect artisans with the end customers, thus building relationships and infusing human touch to the Textile value chain.
  • To link artisans with the initiatives undertaken by business and civil society to promote socio-economic well being of artisans.
  • To serve as a forum for artisans and enable them to put forward their cause and fulfill their aspirations.
  • To innovate and develop equipment and process to ease the working of the artisans.

Major Initiatives

Taleem- Education Program

The ‘Taleem Education Program’ (SEP) is meant to provide functional literacy to illiterate artisans and the village community members along with their children. The initiative is a live example of how buyers and customers can get connected to the artisans beyond Spinning and weaving. The ambit of this ‘Taleem education’ is basic literacy and numeracy skills, and developing and understanding of health, hygiene, family life education and the environment. The program aims towards confidence building of women so that they become more self-reliant and are able to contribute effectively towards their family and community. Taleem Education Program offers Books and Notebooks free of cost to the underprivileged children in the society.

D2C Class

Blanket / Food Distribution

The cold weather commences early in November and continues until the middle of the March. It is during this time, the temperatures hovers around 3 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees. December-January is the coldest month. LSELLP, have taken the initiative to distribute the blankets among the women spinning the yarns. It was the the duty of Latifi Silk to help the affected people to provide/distribute basic need in the form of (Food, Candles, Match Box, Plastics) to the people who were affected by Bihar Flood. So Latifi Silk came up with a voluteer activity to help the needful.

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Handloom Weavers (Artisan) Cards

The Handloom Weavers Cards are issued to the artisans by Development Commissioner Handloom, Ministry of Textiles and the local nodal entities are District Industries Center. But due to lack of awareness and low levels of accessibility, the artisans are unable to get their cards made. Latifi Silk Exports LLP acts as a link and bridges this gap by assisting the illiterate artisans in getting their card by doing all the paper work involved in the process.