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Eri silk fabric is a boon for those who practice absolute non-violence, not using any product obtained by killing any animal. It is widely used by everyone in the regions in which it is produced. It is becoming popular the world over.

Eri is mostly used for the preparation of winter shawls for men and women. The thermal properties of eri silk makes it a suitable fabric for shawls, jackets, blankets, and bed spreads. Dress materials and baby dresses are also made from eri silk fabric because of its soft texture and moisture absorbent quality. Eri silk Fabric is durable and strong and has a typical texture; hence, it is widely used in home furnishing like curtains, bed covers, cushion covers, wall hangings, quilts, etc. Its woolly feel adds to the comfort.

Eri silk products are eco-friendly and natural, and provide jobs and money for the tribal peoples who practice eri culture.