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Cotton Frizz Lurex Ribbon – Golden

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Recycled Metallic Frizz Ribbon is perfect for incorporating into weavings and adding contrasting texture. Cotton Frizz Lurex Ribbon can be used for creating home goods, rugs, wall art, and more. This recycled cotton ribbon is fair trade, ethically sourced from India, and hand dyed in small batches. Colors may vary slightly even within the same dye lot as the base fiber has variances, and due to the hand dyed quality. Each skein is approximately 100 grams; 35-40m in length. Approx 1-1.5 cm wide, though this varies throughout due to the recycled nature of the fiber. We are open for customization in term of color.

Length: approx 36m per 100 gram
Needle size: 15-20
100% cotton stripe
Color with Golden
Wide: 1-1.5 cm wide
Used for : cowls, shawls, stoles, bags, pouches, cushions, embellishment,Scarves, neck warmers, bags, pouches.

Note: Skeins are exactly alike. Since the pack holds recycled skeins we will send you those that are the closest in color.